We strive to provide a platfrom that is inclusive and abide by federal, state and local government laws that require accomodation of passengers traveling with service animals. 

Moovn strictly complies with Title 3 of the ADA (American Disabilities Act) which states passengers traveling with service dogs may not be refused service. You therefore acknowledge that if you choose to become a partner or actively operate on our platform, you will not refuse service to anyone traveling with a service animal. You also aknowledge that willful refusal of service in this case is against the law whereas legal action may be taken against you.

If you disagree with this policy for any reason whether it be religious, medical or personal reasons, please free to contact Customer or Driver Support so we can deactivate your Account from our platform. 

By continuing to operate on our platfom you hereby acknowledge all provisions of Moovn's Service Animal Policy are applicable and enforceable by established or governing law.


The Terms & Conditions and Service Animal Policy were last updated on MARCH 20th, 2023.

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